Artist Pricing and Royalty Structure

D-Tune Me is committed to providing a transparent and easy to understand structure of payments to our Artists. Unlike some other stores which take a large cut of your earnings or use complex formulas which is difficult to understand, we have a simple royalty system and and offer low cost transaction methods.

Pricing Structure

All products on our store are sold at a set price depending on the type (Single, EP or Album). Our prices are all in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Prices as of June 2017

Single - $1.20

EP - $6

Album - $25

Royalty Payments

Our current royalty rate is 80% as of June 2017. Royalty's are calculated as; 80% of (price of product minus any transaction fees).

For example, the sale of an Album to a customer who paid on credit card would be;

80% of ($25 - transaction fees of $0.74) = $19.41 AUD

A detailed calculation of all royalty payments is included in your report.

Distributing Payments

Payment of royalties are made to our Artists once the minimum threshold set on your account is met. This minimum threshold can be as low as $10 or slightly higher, depending on how you choose to receive your payments. We use TransferWise, a popular international payments platform to pay artists globally as they offer minimum fees for bank transfers. You can find out more about any fees you may incur in receiving such payments by visiting TransferWise. We also offer zero fee payments in Bitcoin through CoinBase.

Please note that whilst we can pay in many global currencies, not all are supported in TransferWise and there are some restricted Countries.