About us

We believe there's great music out there and many passionate music fans ready to listen. A small startup in Melbourne Australia, we are working on intelligent matching algorithms and software to help connect music fans with new independent music.

Our Values

Open to All

Music should be open to everyone. We do not restrict the release of any tracks to specific countries or regions and accept digital payments globally


Creating great music is just one part, finding fans is the other. We are committed to promoting and connecting artists with fans

Artists First

Music is an expression of the artists. We believe in non-exclusive agreements, a higher royalty rate and zero submission fees

What's Next?

Our goal is to grow our catalogue and share independent music with the world. Check out our upcoming features.

Core Platform & Store
Complete 100%
Growing our Catalogue
Recommendation & Search Engine
Mobile App Development

Support Us

We are looking for enthusiastic artists and bands to submit their tracks to be first on the store! Do you know anyone that records and produces their own music? If so we'd love to hear from them! Be sure to follow and share us on your favourite social network.